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Project Location: Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 40 sqm to 86 sqm
Price Range: Php 5.5 M to Php 12.5 M


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Eton Parkview Greenbelt By Eton Properties

Every day is a rush. Every day is a constant play with time where somehow time always finds a way to run out without us knowing. Every day is an unending race with time where in the end, you just feel confused and lost. Finally, every day is a wish. A wish that for once, you would like to feel what it is like to be at the center of everything. To be where everything happens. A wish to be where everything can be easily grasped without much effort. A wish to have everything you want in comfort and convenience. Eton Properties understands this never-ending wish of yours, which is why Eton Properties, gives you comfort, convenience and centricity in one place; Eton Properties gives you, Eton Parkview Greenbelt, the place where you are at the center of everything.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt by Eton Properties is located at a prime location in the heart of the country’s premier business city, Makati City. It is a place where luxury, style, comfort and convenience are all amazingly found together in one place. All of these things to make sure that the centricity you have always wished for and have always deserved is not only granted but also satisfied.

This glorious 33-story residential work of art that is, Eton Parkview Greenbelt, offers you a taste of being in the center of everything. Engross yourself in the splendor of the Makati skyline. Be one with the heart of Makati as you experience everything with Eton Parkview Greenbelt created to perfectly suit your needs by Eton Properties.

Know that at Eton Properties’ Eton Parkview Greenbelt, your freedom to be able to choose whatever you want is the top priority. That is why this amazing architectural masterpiece that is Eton Parkview Greenbelt, offers you the freedom to choose your very own living space to whatever suits your style, convenience and needs. You can choose from a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom upper loft home. These fantastic units that gives you nothing but comfort in a luxurious and stylish way is open to whatever flair and flavor you want it to be as these units can be styled and furnished to the way you would want and love it to be.

That is why by now upon hearing all these, you should be considering to get your very own Eton Parkview Greenbelt unit, because wouldn’t it be amazing that at Eton Parkview Greenbelt, you get centricity, convenience and glamour while being at a prime location where the life of everything happens just around the corner?.

It offers a life of glamour within the confines of a luxurious space. With a choice of either a one- or two-bedroom upper loft home hanging above your living and dining space, Eton Parkview Greenbelt allows you the flexibility to furnish as you wish, while maintaining the capacity for both style and comfort.

The benefits are obvious—living beside the Greenbelt Mall, the latest and best lifestyle options are but neighbors in this space. And in spite of being smack in the middle of the business and commercial district, solace can just be as conveniently breathed in with Washington Sycip and Legaspi parks just a stone's throw away from your abode.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt, apart from its prime location, boasts of units all with the potential for dynamism, airy with wide windows that lend an excellent view of the bustling city of Makati.

The Greenbelt life and all its perks await at Eton Greenbelt Parkview, where luxury, hipness, nature are all conveniently meshed for you to enjoy.

Eton Properties Eton Parkview Greenbelt in Makati City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Eton Parkview Greenbelt, then check here first. We have full details of Eton Parkview Greenbelt updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt - Location & Vicinity

Convenience and comfort is completely satisfied when you live just around the corner of places where necessities and wants are truly satisfied, where your workplace is just near and where the hippest happenings happen almost every other day.

True to its promise to give you the centricity you truly deserve, Eton Parkview Greenbelt gives you the best of accessibility at the heart of the lively Makati. Being at the center of everything gives you access to schools, groceries, malls, restaurants, workplaces, government institutions and other settlements that will cater your wants, your needs and your cravings.

Having an amazing location that was chosen strategically, Eton Parkview Greenbelts assures that you truly get to be at the center of everything whether it is for your business, schooling or your social life, Eton Parkview Greenbelt gives you the best of both accessibility and comfort at one place.

Specifically located at Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Eton Parkview Greenbelt is practically in the center of the most important places, roads, schools, government agencies and, other institutions in Makati. Smacked in the middle of the premiered Makati Central Business District, Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s location truly gives you centricity and convenience among others.

Eton Parkview’s promise to give you centricity gives you an immediate access to your workplace wherever it may be. Whether it is in or around the Makati CBD or perhaps along EDSA, in Quezon City, in Ortigas or in Alabang or maybe somewhere in the Bonifacio Global City, Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s location gives you easy access to both EDSA and Buendia that can take you to wherever you need to be in the South or the North. It also gives you access to the long stretch of offices in Paseo de Roxas and along Makati Avenue.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s location also gives you access to the finest schools and universities in the area such as: De La Salle School of Business, Ateneo Graduate School, Far Eastern University Makati, Mapua Institute of Technology and Lyceum College of Law.

Being at the center of everything means that you get to have an incredibly easier access to almost everything. One thing that is so great about living in Eton Parkview Greenbelt is that you get access to the satellite offices of different government agencies in Makati such as, PAG-IBIG, COMELEC and SSS. Getting your packages or your letters can be also done without much fuzz, as the Makati Post Office is nearby to cater to your correspondences.

Know that part of the centricity that Eton Parkview Greenbelt offers you is the best you can get of healthcare services. One of the country’s best private hospitals, the Makati Medical Center, is there for whatever healthcare needs you might want to have. Outpatient clinics such as Patients’ First, Aventus Medical Center, HMI Clinic, Healthway Medical Clinic and Asian Eye Institute are nearby to cater to your needs.

Being at the center of everything includes you being at the hippest and the most talked about places in the metro. Know that being in Eton Parkview Greenbelt, you get access to malls such as Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM Makati, Rustans and Landmark. Event places such as Acceler8 Co-working, Ayala Triangle and Greenbelt Park are all just around the corner to satisfy your needs for culture. Finally, be in touch with Mother Nature as you unwind in the nearby greeneries, gardens and waterworks of Washington Sycip and Legaspi Parks.

With all those amazing places to be in, wouldn’t it be just amazing to invest or live in Eton Parkview Greenbelt, the place in the heart of the bustling urban hub of Makati where culture, fun, necessities and nature are all combined to give you the best of accessibility and centricity.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt is located at Gamboa corner Rada Streets in Legazpi Village, Makati. A short walk from Greenbelt and Ayala Malls, Eton Parkview Greenbelt is also strategically situated with Makati Medical Center just in the vicinity, the Makati Central Business District just a few blocks away, and the Metro Rail Transit and EDSA extremely accessible as well.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt Location

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Swimming Pool Family

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Eton Parkview Greenbelt - Features & Amenities

Giving you the centricity that you truly deserve does not only end in giving you the best living location there is. It does not only end in making sure that you get to access places whenever you need to be there. Part of that promise, to be at the center of everything, is the assurance and the guarantee that you get to live your life in the most stylish and convenient way possible.

Being an architectural masterpiece, Eton Parkview Greenbelt does not only give you style and glamour all in one place. It also assures that you get practicality brilliantly mixed together with sophistication and convenience in one place.

Eton Parkview Greenbelt houses not only aesthetically created features but also gives you world-class and top-notch amenities that is sure to make your living experience in Eton Parkview Greenbelt is completely stylish and comfortable.

In order to fully delve in the beauty of Eton Parkview Greenbelt, imagine yourself entering the doors of Eton Parkview Greenbelt. You are completely in awe as you are warmly welcomed by the fantastically created and designed grand lobby. As you continue your anticipated journey through Eton Parkview Greenbelt, you are struck by the wonderful ambiance, the feel of elegance and sophistication tinged with the amazing feeling of being at home. You continue on and you get inside Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s elevators that somehow deep you know would bring you fast and safely to your home. The elevator opens and you continue to go on the hallway to your unit. As you enter that private sanctuary of yours, you do not only just see a simple home, you see both style and comfort converge together. As your day ends, you get to see the glorious Makati skyline light up ready for its nightlife. With this you get to feel revitalized and ready for a new day.

As a new day comes, you know in your heart and mind that Eton Parkview Greenbelt understands your need for a staycation. It understands that sometimes the mere thought of going out for a swim or a run on the treadmill at a gym somewhere gives you the chills. That is the reason why Eton Parkview Greenbelt is equipped and prepared with a swimming pool and a fitness center to make sure that you stay fit without the fuzz of going out. After your fitness routine happily fulfilled, you walk around Eton Parkview Greenbelt and you notice that Eton Properties does not only care for those people who strive every day to live, you realize that they also care for the little ones as you walk across Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s Children’s Playground. As you continue your little adventure, you also get to see the magnificence of Eton Parkview Greenbelt’s landscaped gardens. You breathe in to the amazing structures that you get to see and experience every day with you, living in Eton Parkview Greenbelt. You also know that informal meetings and some pleasure of privacy is given as you walk to the function room of Eton Parkview Greenbelt. Finally as your adventure ends with you going back to your private abode, you know that the world is at your hands as the units are Internet & Cable TV-ready, you know that you are capable of knowing the latest happenings inside the comfort of your very own Eton Parkview Greenbelt unit. Finally, as you wake up to another day, you are awakened to the splendid green view of two conveniently nearby parks, Washington Sycip and Legaspi.

Isn’t it amazing to be in the place where style amazingly intertwines and incorporates with nature, where modernity is embraced by greenery, where comfort is converged beautifully with elegance and sophistication? Practically, isn’t it amazing to feel what it is like to be in Eton Parkview Greenbelt? Cards have now been laid, now it is in your hands to choose where you get to have the best of what centricity can give.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Children's Playground
  • Fitness Center
  • Function Room
  • Internet & Cable Tv Ready

Eton Parkview Greenbelt - Payment Option

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